Check collection and processing made easy.

Save time opening mail, creating deposits and driving them to the teller with Capital PMB’s Imaged Lockbox services. Just send your payments to your special, designated PO box and we’ll record and deposit them to your account on the business day they are received. You can then view all images from your secure account or download them to your own archive database. Additional benefits include:

  • All images are available, including checks and correspondences.
  • Data files for accounts receivable software are also available.
  • Images can be transferred to a physical storage device upon request.
  • Both front and back of all images are available online in a searchable format.
  • Online exception management is available.
  • Treasury Management team members can customize a solution to fit your business’s needs.

Put Imaged Lockbox to work for you.

What sets us apart

Our experienced Treasury Management professionals are always available to discuss your plans and develop a customized solution based on the unique aspects of your situation. Our industry expertise and truly personal approach to service is what sets us apart.  As experienced bankers, we can respond quickly to your needs without the red tape of other banks. At Capital PMB, you don’t just open an account; you start a relationship, the way banking should be. We are committed to your success, and are here to act as your trusted business advisor on everything from your cash flow to your strategic road map.