Your employees work hard, and so does this card.

The Capital PMB Payroll Card is the perfect solution for employees who don’t have an account with a bank or other financial institution, and the benefits to your business go beyond not having to process checks.

Employer Benefits

  • 100% electronic payroll delivery.
  • Deliver only one ACH Origination payroll file. Eliminate check-printing and delivery expenses.
  • No lost or stolen checks and reduced/eliminated stop pay fees.
  • No employee time off to cash checks.
  • The Payroll Card can also be used for:
    • Expense reimbursements
    • Per diems
    • Bonuses

Employee Benefits

  • Receive payroll electronically on payday.
  • A bank account or personal credit check not required.
  • The Payroll Card is accepted at ATMs and merchants where the Visa or MasterCard logo is displayed.
  • No need to use personal time to cash checks.
  • Costs less than check cashing fees.
  • Customer support is available 24/7 via Internet or telephone.
  • Multiple cards can be tied to the same account.

Payroll Cards are issued by Paylynk.